KULZER Charisma Smart Composite 6 Syringe Kit

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Charisma Smart is a light curing, radio-opaque submicron-hybrid composite (Microglass®). It is indicated for adhesively bonded, tooth coloured restorations. It is suitable for anterior and posterior applications.


Charisma Smart is based on a BIS-GMA matrix and contains approximately 59% filler by volume with a particle size of 0.005 – 10 μm: Barium Aluminum Fluoride glass, highly dispersive silicon dioxide




Benefit from its colour-stabilizing technology and easy polishability:

These features prevent staining of composite restorations in the long run and thus ensure natural results with little effort. On top, they bring convincing ease to your workflow.
Comfortable with its easy handling characteristics and vital shades:

The composite facilitates simple single-shade layering techniques for natural everyday restorations with great value. Its excellent handling and modelling properties arise from our long-standing experience in composite technology. In short, Charisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations.


Direct restoration of Class I – V cavities (according to G.V. Black)
Shape corrections of teeth (i.e. diastemas, congenital defects in teeth, etc.)
Splinting of teeth loosened by trauma or periodontal disease
Restoration of primary teeth
Repairs of porcelain, composite (in combination with an adequate repair-system)
The benefits of its colour-stabilizing technology and effortless polishability make things even more easy for you:

They prevent staining of composite restorations in the long run
They ensure natural results with little effort.

KEY Specifications


Application to dentine close to the pulp (less than 1 mm)
Do not use in cases of a known allergy to any of the constituents of Charisma Smart
The use of this product is contraindicated in case of known or suspected allergies against (meth)acrylate compounds
Side effects:

This product or one of its components may in particular cases cause hypersensitive reactions. If suspected, information on the ingredients can be obtained from the manufacturer

Directions To USE


Select an appropriate shade or shade combination prior to placing the rubber dam.

This is important because teeth will significantly change colour when desiccated. If the tooth surface being treated is not to be instrumented by a diamond stone, carbide bur, drill or other abrasive instrument, the surface should be cleaned with pumice or a fluoride free polishing paste before restoration is placed. A non-sticking plastic, Teflon coated or gold plated placement instrument (such as the Kulzer Plasmacoat Instrument) is recommended for use in clinically placing, sculpting and shaping the material.

1.Use rubber dam (e.g. Ivory®) or similar protection to prevent from contamination by moisture, blood and saliva.

2. Prepare the cavity according to generally accepted rules for the clinical composite application. Then clean and dry the cavity

3. Prior to application of Charisma Smart to the cavity preparation, pretreatment of the tooth structure with an adequate enamel/dentine adhesive is mandatory (e.g. GLUMA® Bondings by Kulzer). Make sure that no excess remains in the corners of the cavity. Once treated with the adhesive avoid contamination with saliva or blood. The use of a flowable composite material (e.g. Charisma® flowables) allows the creation of a smooth cavity floor and facilitates the adaptation of the filling material. When using a layer of a flowable material apply it according to the specifications in the respective instructions for use and cure it separately

4. Apply Charisma Smart restorative material in thin layers (max. 2 mm) and adapt carefully to the tooth surface or cavity walls. In case of severe discoloration of the underlying tooth or surface being restored it may be necessary to mask this by using a thin layer of the Charisma Smart opaque shade “Dentine” first

5. To avoid excess translucency and achieve an ideal aesthetic result in the case of large Class IV cavities and anterior tooth reconstruction it is necessary to utilize the Charisma Smart opaque shade “Dentine” (max. 2 mm) in the deepest layers, which can then be covered by the universal Charisma Smart shades if necessary

6. Polymerise Charisma Smart in thin layers (max. 2 mm) according to the table below using an acceptable QHT (Quartz-Halogen-Tungsten) or LED curing light such as the Kulzer Translux® light curing unit or any other blue-light unit (wavelength maximum at 460 – 470 nm; light output of 1550 – 550 mW/cm²). During polymerisation, an inhibited-layer forms on the surface which should not be touched, contaminated or removed during the build-up phase of the restoration. It serves as chemical connection for any subsequent composite layers that are added.

Note: Curing lights can have an immense variation in intensity and emitted spectral output. User should check with the light unit manufacturer and verify its efficacy non-clinically before using on patients

7. After final build-up and polymerisation is completed Charisma Smart may immediately be finished and polished. For gross finishing use diamond burs. Fine finishing and shaping is best accomplished with fine-grained diamond stones and multifluted carbide burs. Proximal surfaces may be finished with abrasive strips. A high final polish can be achieved with flexible silicone rubber polishing points, cups, discs or similar. Common composite polishing pastes can be applied with polishing brushes and small buffing wheels if desired.


6 x 4g Syringe of Composite( Shade: A1, A2, A2, A3 ,A3, A3.5 )