JENIN PLUS Dental Tweezer | Tweezer Used For Picking Up Objects Too Small To Be Easily Handled

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#. Dental tweezers are used to carry small objects such as cotton pellets, gauze & other small objects.

#. Available in different designs, sizes and shapes.

#. It is 6″ in length.

#. Beak of tweezer is a delicate structure and should be handled with care.

#. These beaks can distort easily if used carelessly or incorrectly.

#.  Inner guide pin provides stability.

#. Lightweight handle with serrations.



KEY Specifications

Instrument Name : London College Tweezer

Type : Dental Tweezer

Category : Diagnostic, Endodontics, Oral surgery, Periodontics

Material : Stainless Steel

Disposable / Reusable : Reusable

Sterile / Non-Sterile : Non - Sterile

Latex / Latex - free : Latex Free


1 X Tweezers