HAHNENKRATT Relax FS Rhodium Mouth Mirror #5 Set Assorted PCK OF 10

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Hahnenkratt Relax Fs Rhodium Mouth Mirror #5 Set

The Hahnenkratt Relax Fs Rhodium Mouth Mirror #5 Set is a premium dental tool designed for the diagnosis, and evaluation of the oral cavity, and minor oral surgeries, providing enhanced visibility. The mirrors are pleasantly lightweight, contributing to a relaxed working experience for dental professionals. The set includes 10 assorted mouth mirrors, offering durability and optimal functionality. These mirrors feature a front surface design, which is advantageous for accurate reflection and visualization during dental procedures. The rhodium coating ensures high reflectivity and exceptional image clarity. The ergonomic design optimizes handling and maneuverability, further supporting precision during examinations and treatments. This set is an ideal choice for dental practitioners seeking reliable, high-quality instruments to support various dental procedures and enhance patient care.




#. Rhodium-Coated Mirror: Provides exceptional clarity and durability, ensuring a high-quality reflective surface for precise dental examinations.

#. Ergonomic Handle: Designed for comfortable grip, allowing dental practitioners to maintain precise control during examinations, reducing hand fatigue.

#. Sterilizable and Reusable: Manufactured with materials suitable for sterilization, ensuring proper infection control practices and allowing for repeated use.

#. Corrosion Resistance: The rhodium coating enhances resistance to corrosion and scratches, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the mirror.

#. Non-Reflective Surface: Features a non-reflective silk mat surface, preventing unwanted glare and ensuring clear visibility during examinations.

#. Autoclavable and Thermal Disinfection: Instrument can be safely autoclaved, supporting sterilization practices, and is suitable for thermal disinfection, ensuring hygienic usage.

#. Lightweight Design: Promotes a relaxed working environment with its lightweight construction, reducing fatigue during extended use.

#. Thorough Oral Examinations: Enables dental professionals to perform thorough examinations, inspecting teeth, gums, and oral structures for signs of dental issues or abnormalities.

#. Easy to Clean: Designed for easy and thorough cleaning, maintaining proper hygiene standards after each use.

#. Versatile Diagnostic Tool: Suitable for a range of diagnostic purposes, aiding in the identification of dental conditions and assisting in treatment planning.


For diagnosis & evaluation of oral cavity
For minor oral surgeries for better visibility


Pack of 10 (Assorted Colors)