JENIN Forceps 12 PCS Kit | Tooth Extracting Forceps Kit Anatomic Handle-Set | Adult Forceps Kit

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Tooth Extracting forceps are used to extract teeth. They are designed for use in specific areas of the mouth. The beak is shaped to confirm snugly to the contour of the tooth.This makes it easier to reach different teeth effectively.Dental forcpeps handles are shaped so that a maximum amount of force can be applied to the beaks, while the handles are still in a comfortable position for the oral surgeon




#. Material: Made of high grade Stainless Steel

#. Ergonomic Design: Serrated handles - Better Grip

#. Sharp Beaks on Tip: Better Adaptation to root surface Cut PDL easily

#. Large handles: Better Operator fit

#. Concave Inner Surface to fit the root

#. Close Fitting Forcep Blades: spread the load evenly

#. Rust Free: Corrosion Resistant - Passivated

#. Disinfection: Autoclavable at 135 degree celsius


Forceps 12 PCS Kit