J Morita Tri Auto ZX 2 Endomotor, With Apex Locator


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Introducing the new Tri Auto ZX2, engineered with innovative and dynamic design form. As the successor to the original Tri Auto ZX cordless endo motor with integrated apex locator, Morita continues to offer the only endodontic system in the market combining both functions in one handpiece. With easy, intuitive operation and automatic functions, Tri Auto ZX2 delivers predictable and reliable endodontic instrumentation. Morita’s safety functions: Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) and Optimum Glide Path (OGP) are new to the Tri Auto ZX2. OGP simplifies glide path creation whilst the OTR function reduces potential file breakage and microcracks by reversing the rotational direction when the torque level is reached. Therefore, Tri Auto ZX2 protects the natural tooth structure and enables optimal treatment efficiency

Efficient treatment with optimal visibility

Integrated apex locator function for unsurpassed accuracy

The Root ZX apex locator technology integrated into the Tri Auto ZX2 handpiece provides precise measurements irrespective of the canal condition. On the colour LCD, the clinician can see the relative distance of the file from the apex. Monitoring is also carried out by acoustic signals.

Efficient, reliable application

The Tri Auto ZX2 allows for apical patency and each step in the canal shaping process to be completed mechanically, enabling maximum treatment efficiency and reduced fatigue for the clinician. Eight pre-set programmes, where customised parameters can be stored, ensures maximum versatility. Rotational speed can be selected between 100 and 1000 rpm, as required.

Compact design

With a compact head design, Tri Auto ZX2 provides the clinician with optimal visibility of the access site. The internal file electrode ensures maximised vision and greater access, utilising the full working length of the file.

Intuitive, flexible and light-weight

Cordless and ergonomic

Weighing a mere 140 grams the Tri Auto ZX2 cordless handpiece is ergonomic and well-balanced, maximising operator comfort. Morita’s renowned engineering and build quality is evident from every angle.

Left or right-handed: Customised for individuals

The LCD is adaptable for both left and right-handed clinicians. The operator can rotate the head of the handpiece until the LCD is in the ideal position, ensuring the clinician can clearly view data and respective parameters at all times during treatment. The Tri Auto ZX2 offers customised programming of multiple settings to deliver a versatile, mechanical endodontic preparation solution with Morita’s reliable, built-in apex locator


Apex localization and preparation in a cordless handpiece
Unique function for mechanical glide path creation
Prevention of file breakage and microcracks
Apex localization with millimeter precision
Rotatable LCD display for left-handed and right-handed users
Small instrument head for direct view of the preparation area


J Morita

KEY Specifications

TRIAUTO ZX2 HANDPIECE Display LCD Weight 140 g Operation speed 100 - 1.000 U/Min Battery 3,7 V Lithium Ion Batterie Charging time max. 120 min Dimensions (mm) B 30 x H 200 BATTERY CHARGER Rated input voltage AC 100 - 240 V Rated input frequency 50 - 60 Hz Weight ca. 280 g Dimensions (mm) B 85 x H 7


1 x motor handpiece (Order no. 6961-009) incl. contra-angle handpiece (Order no. 6961-001) and internal file electrode (Order no. 6907-011) 1 x battery (Order no. 6440-820) 1 x battery recharger (100-240 V) (Order no. 6961-002) 1 x AC adapter (Order no. 6961-012) 1x CE probe cord (Order no. 6960-003) 1 x file clamps (Order no. 6950-005) 3 x mucosal electrodes (Order no. 6950-004) 1 x test plug (Order no. 6960-012) 1 x guide bur (Order no. 6961-050) 1 x pack hygienic protective covers (100 pcs./pack) (Order no. 6961-010) 1 x AR/LS spray nozzle TriAuto ZX2 (Order no. 6905-011)