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IVOCLAR Vivadent Total Etch Jumbo Assortment Kit

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IVOCLAR Vivadent Total Etch Refill 2 X 2G

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Total Etch is an etching gel containing 37% phosphoric acid. Total Etch is used for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with sealants, composite restorations and the adhesive luting of indirect all-ceramic or composite restorations.



BenefitsConsistent viscosity The viscosity of etching gels may be impaired when they are pressed through the tight nozzle of the dispensing tip. Conventional products often become runny and difficult to apply accurately. The gel flows into the cavity uncontrolled. Due to special filler composition, Total Etch has an ideal and above all consistent thickness that enables it to be applied quickly and effectively. Distinct blue colour The blue colour provides a strong contrast to the tooth and allows the gel to be applied accurately. Residue is easy to recognize after rinsing, therefore, minimizing the risk of over-etching. Easy handling Octagonal finger rest facilitates application and prevents syringe from rolling away Angled metal tip for exact application Special displacer to prevent material from being wasted Efficient and economical use The convenient Jumbo syringe, which is used to refill syringes, offers a cost-effective solution for keeping adequate amounts of gel in stock. Thanks to the Luer Lock system, the tip can be securely attached and a tight connection to the Jumbo syringe is ensured.
FeaturesBalanced handling properties Quick, effective application due to consistent material thickness Colour can be easily differentiated from the tooth Special displacer on the plunger ensures economical dispensing of material Practical Jumbo syringe to refill syringes

Total Etch is used in the enamel etch or total etch technique for the following indications: Composite restorations Adhesive luting of inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers, adhesive bridges and root canal posts Splints Luting of orthodontic appliances (e.g. brackets) and bonding of tooth jewellery (e.g. Skyce) Fissure sealings


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