IVOCLAR Systemp Link Refill 2 X 6G (Transparent)

Dual-curing Luting Composite

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Systemp.link is a dual-curing luting composite for the esthetic temporary cementation of provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. This material is particularly suitable for use in the anterior region.

Systemp link is also suited for the temporary cementation of implant superstructures. The shade transparent is translucent and therefore virtually invisible



FeaturesTranslucent and esthetic Optimal retention behaviour High compressive strength and Shore D hardness values Ideal processing time; quick setting Free of eugenol and therefore also suitable for subsequent adhesive cementation methods Easy to apply due to the convenient double-push syringe Compatible with conventional temporary materials, particularly with Systemp.c&b

Temporary cementation of provisional restorations,crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.

KEY Specifications

Working time Approx. 2.5 to 3 minutes at a room temperature of 23 °C / 73 °F. Self-curing time 4 minutes at a temperature of 37 °C / 98 °F. Exposure to light will accelerate the curing process.

Directions To USE

Step 1: Remove the cap of the double-push syringe by turning it 1/4 turn counter clockwise (discard the cap, do not re-use it!) and replace it with a mixing tip. If the double-push syringe has been used before, replace the used mixing tip with a new one just before dispensing Systemp.link Step 2: When attaching the mixing tip to the syringe, make sure that the guidance of the double-push syringe is aligned with that of the mixing tip. Push the tip completely down until the notch on the mixing tip is aligned with that of the double-push syringe. Secure the mixing tip in place by gripping the coloured base and turning it 1/4 turn clockwise. The double-push syringe contains predosed amounts of Systemp.link base and catalyst which are automatically mixed and dispensed when the two components are extruded. Thus the material may be directly applied to the provisional restoration. Step 3: Spread a layer of Systemp.link over the dry inner surfaces of the provisional restoration and/or the prepared, cleaned and dried tooth surfaces. The working time is approx. 2.5 to 3 minutes at a room temperature of 23 °C / 73 °F. Step 4: Subsequently, seat the provisional restoration with firm but light pressure. Excess cement can be removed after approx. 3 minutes using a scaler or other appropriate instruments. Also use a scaler and dental floss to remove any excess cement from the interproximal areas. To accelerate the polymerization process, cure the cement layer with a high performance curing light (light intensity >1000 mW/cm2 ; e.g. Bluephase N) for 10 seconds per aspect (occlusal, mesial, distal), or 20 seconds per aspect (occlusal, mesial, distal) with a standard curing light (light intensity >500 mW/cm2 ). By additionally curing the crowns from the occlusal aspect, the primary stability can be increased. The light curing procedure allows excess cement to be removed immediately.


2 x 6g Double Push Refills 10 x Mixing Tips