IVOCLAR IPS Empress Direct Opaque Syringe | Light-Curing Opaque Material

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The light-curing opaque IPS Empress Direct Opaquer material reliably masks undesired tooth discolourations, exposed metal surfaces and core build-ups in the anterior and posterior region. Given its high masking power, even the application of thin layers is sufficient to mask undesired discolourations or metal surfaces successfully: Even in deeper areas, discolouration is no longer visible.




High masking capability even when applied in thin layers
The ideal complement to the IPS Empress System
Universal opaque shade, no shade matching required.


Masking of:
Exposed metal surfaces when repairing damaged ceramic or composite veneers intraorally
discoloured tooth structure

KEY Specifications

Storage temperature: 2 - 28°C / 36 - 82 °F.
Do not use IPS Empress Direct Opaque after the expiry date.


1 x 1.8G Syringe