IVOCLAR Ips Empress Direct Cavifill Basic 8PK Kit

Empress Direct Cavifill Composite Compule

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IPS Empress Direct is a universal nano-hybrid filling material for direct esthetic restorative procedures. IPS Empress Direct provides a high gloss polish and the lifelike opacity, fluorescence and opalescence that is required to fabricate beautiful and naturally esthetic restorations with remarkable efficiency. The three special flowable Effect materials of IPS Empress Direct Flow enable individual optical effects and the anatomical features of anterior teeth to be recreated in a lifelike fashion



BenefitsWide range of indications for anterior and posterior teeth 32 Shades in 5 translucencies High surface gloss Lifelike fluorescence Extended working time High radiopacity Compatible with Tetric EvoFlow, Tetric Color and most light-cure resin-composites The shade guide is autoclavable and made of ceramic: the shade guide retains its integrity over many years since the shade tabs do not fade if exposed to light
FeaturesTranslucency and opacity Like natural dentin, the IPS Empress Direct Dentin shades exhibit higher opacity and more opacious saturated chroma than the Enamel materials. They support the basic color of the tooth structure from within. The translucency of the Enamel materials has been adjusted to diffuse the dentinal substrate. Further gradations in translucency are achieved with the Trans 20, Trans 30 and Opal shades. The well-balanced and mutually complementing translucencies of the IPS Empress Direct Dentin and Enamel materials give you the power to create exceptional esthetics with accurate color every time New opalescent shade Opalescence is evident in the incisal area of natural teeth. In simple terms, this optical effect is based on the different ways in which long waves (red) and short waves (blue) of light are scattered. If a tooth is examined in incidental light it appears to have a bluish tinge, while in transmitted light this color changes to reddish-orange. This effect has to be imitated with the corresponding materials in the restoration of teeth Quick and accurate shade match Two autoclavable shade guides depict the various shades and translucency levels of the IPS Empress Direct system. As with the IPS Empress all-ceramic materials, the shade tabs are made of high quality ceramic to provide long term stability for consistent shade match over time High luster polish IPS Empress Direct has an even distribution of filler particles which quickly and easily polish to a longlasting lustrous shine. It has similar polishing characteristics to both IPS Empress Esthetic and IPS Empress CAD. The polish is also retained similar to the gloss retention of a microfilled composite Fluorescence of natural teeth Fluorescence is produced by special pigments, which absorb energy from UV light and immediately emit it as visible light. We find these pigments in the dentin and we calibrate the IPS Empress system to produce the effect of natural fluorescence. Dr. Arnd Peschke, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein Before After Astropol® and Astrobrush® bluephase® G2 Tetric® Color IPS Empress® Direct Flow Fluorescent effect Dr Eduardo Mahn, Saudi Arabia Application of Trans Opal Flow Final result after high gloss polishing IPS Empress Esthetic IPS Empress CAD IPS Empress Direct Natural tooth fluorescence Special flowable Effect shade IPS Empress Direct Flow ideally complements the IPS Empress Direct range of materials. They allow the specific individual characteristics of natural teeth to be reproduced. With Trans Opal, the natural opalescence of incisal edges can be reliably mimicked, while Trans 30 enables lifelike translucency to be achieved. Bleach XL mainly serves to create customized, true-to-nature characteristics such as fluorosis effects. The three Effect materials offer optimum surface affinity while remaining stable. Due to the material’s consistency, restorations can be conveniently sculpted and contoured with either a spatula or brush.
Directions To USE

With the IPS Empress Direct system you get very natural results. Due to perfectly matched Dentin and Enamel shades and calibrated translucencies, simply replace what you have taken away. Replace dentin with the corresponding Dentin shade determined by the IPS Empress Direct shade guide. Then do the same with the enamel. Step 1: Tooth preparation Step 2: Match and replace the dentin with the appropriate Dentin shade (eg A2 Dentin) Step 3: Replace the enamel with the appropriate Enamel shade (eg A2 Enamel) Step 4: Finish and polish to a high luster (eg with Astropol and Astrobrush)


3 x 3g Dentin Restorations 3 x 3g Enamle Restoration 2 x 3g Translucent Restorations