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Prime Dental Caries Detector represents a paradigm shift in early caries diagnosis, integrating cutting-edge technology to redefine clinical precision. Utilizing proprietary dye formulations validated in recent clinical studies (Smith et al., J Dent Res, 2021), this advanced detector enhances caries visualization at the microscopic level, revealing lesions invisible to the naked eye. The application of transillumination principles, as outlined by White et al. (Oper Dent, 2019), further augments diagnostic accuracy, ensuring comprehensive caries assessment.


Prime Detal


#. Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: Elevates diagnostic accuracy, enabling early intervention and minimizing invasive treatments.

#. Patient-Centric Approach: Fosters a patient-centric approach through informed treatment discussions based on quantitative data.

#. Minimizes Overtreatment: Reduces the risk of overtreatment by precisely delineating lesion parameters, optimizing conservative care strategies.


15ML Bottle