IVOCLAR ExciTE F Vivapen & Refill Bottle

Light-curing Total-etch Adhesive

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IVOCLAR ExciTE F Vivapen Refill 1 X 2ML

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IVOCLAR ExciTE F Refill Bottle 1 X 5GM

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ExciTE F is a light-curing, fluoride releasing, single-component total-etch adhesive. It is used in the placement of direct restorations (composites, compomers) as well as in the adhesive luting of indirect restorations (all-ceramics, composites) involving light-curing. ExciTE F is available in the unique VivaPen, in bottles or in Soft Touch Single Dose vessels



FeaturesConvenient and economical dispensing from the VivaPen (approx. 120 applications) Also available in bottles and Soft Touch Single Dose vessels Reliable adhesion, as ExcitTE F establishes a strong bond to enamel and dentin Consistent quality due to its acetone-free chemistry Fluoride release Reduced postoperative sensitivity because dentin surfaces are effectively sealed Versatile system – Accurate fit of indirect restorations due to the low film thickness Innovative and user-friendly – The new VivaPen The optimized VivaPen with the new design, improved ergonomic features and integrated fill-level indicator. The novel snap-on cannula is attached to the VivaPen. The new VivaPen features an easy-tooperate click mechanism. A few clicks are sufficient to saturate the brush tip with an appropriate amount of material. The discoloration of the tip shows that it has been saturated with adhesive. Even the fill-level of the VivaPen can now be visually checked. As a result, the user has consistent control over the availability of material.

Direct light- and dual-cure composite and compomer restorations Adhesive luting of indirect restorations involving light-curing

KEY Specifications

Physical Properties Shear bond strength on dentin 28 MPa Shear bond strength on enamel 25 MPa PRECAUTIONS & WARNINGS: ExciTE F is an irritant. Contact with the skin, mucous membrane or eyes should be avoided. In case of skin contact, immediately wash with copious amounts of water. If the material should come into contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician or ophthalmologist In rare cases, contact with the skin may cause sensitization to the ingredients. Commercial medical gloves do not provide protection against the sensitizing effects of methacrylates.

Directions To USE

Direct restorations Step 1: A dry operating field must be ensured. Ideally, a rubber dam should be placed (e.g. OptraDam Plus). Step 2: In very deep cavities, areas close to the pulp should be selectively coated with a calcium hydroxide liner (e.g. ApexCal) and subsequently covered with a pressure-resistant cement (glass ionomer cement, e.g. Vivaglass Liner). Step 3: Apply phosphoric acid gel (e.g. Total Etch) to the prepared enamel and then flow the etchant onto the prepared dentin. The etchant should be left to react on the enamel for 15–30 seconds and on the dentin for 10–15 seconds. Following this, remove all etchant gel with a vigorous water spray for at least 5 seconds. Excess moisture should be removed leaving the dentin surface with a glossy wet appearance (wet bonding). This can be done with either an air gun, a dry brush, a foam pellet or other lint-free absorbents. Do not overdry the dentin. Step 4: Use of the different delivery forms ExciTE F is available in bottles, the VivaPen and Soft Touch SingleDose vessels. VivaPen delivery form Remove the cap of the VivaPen by turning it beyond the point of resistance and simultaneously pulling it off. Snap on the VivaPen brush cannula. The brush cannula can be rotated up to approx. 270 degrees to the desired position. Attention: Do not rotate the cannula beyond the point of resistance; otherwise it will detach. Activate the click mechanism several times to saturate the VivaPen brush cannula with ExciTE F. The yellow colour of ExciTE F becomes visible once the brush cannula is saturated. Soft Touch Single-Dose vessel with pre-mounted applicator brush Activate the Soft Touch Single-Dose vessel to prepare it for use as follows: Place the Single-Dose vessel on a firm surface. Press the pre-mounted applicator brush into the Single-Dose vessel until a noticeable resistance is overcome. Step 5: Saturate enamel and dentin with a generous amount of ExciTE F and agitate the adhesive on the prepared surfaces for at least 10 seconds. Make sure that all the cavity walls are completely covered. Step 6: Disperse ExciTE F to a thin layer with a weak stream of air, thereby removing any excess. Pooling should be avoided. A uniform, glossy appearance shows that the tooth surface is completely sealed. Step 7: Light-cure ExciTE F for 10 seconds at a light intensity of more than 500 mW/cm2 (with e.g. Bluephase® using the LOP mode). Step 8: Apply the restorative material (e.g. Tetric EvoFlow® or Tetric EvoCeram®) according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Step 9: VivaPen: Discard the used VivaPen brush cannula after disinfecting the VivaPen with disinfectant wipes and replace it with the original cap. The VivaPen brush cannula is removed by turning it beyond the point of resistance and simultaneously pulling it off. A new VivaPen brush cannula must be attached for every application. Indirect restorations Step 1: Prepare the surfaces of the composite or ceramic restoration according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Step 2: Prepare the tooth surfaces according to the procedure indicated for direct restorations, step 1–7. Important note: Avoid pooling, as this can compromise the accuracy of fit of the definitive restoration. Step 3: Following this, seat the restoration using a light-/ dual-curing luting material (e.g. Variolink II) and light-cure according to the instruction of the manufacturer


ExciTE F Vivapen Refill 1 x 2ml 1 x 2ml Refill ExciTE F Refill Bottle 1 x 5gm 1 x 5gm Bottle