GDC Surgical Instruments S/10 In Pouch Surgical Instruments Kit

Set of basic surgical instruments

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Basic surgical instruments

Instruments included in the kit are

1. BP handle

2. Needle holder

3. Artery forcep(haemostat)

4. Curved gum scissor

5. Straight gum scissor

6. Moons probe

7. Bone rounger

8. Bone filer

9. Periosteal elevator (Molt 9)

10. Surgical curette




Surgical Instruments S/10 with Pouch 1 x Round Solid Handle 14.5cm # straight (10-130-5EM) 1 x Kelly # Straight (14cm) (H1) 1 x Mayo-Hegar # Straight (16cm) (NHMH) 1 x Iris # Curved (11.5cm) (S18) 1 x Iris # Straight (11.5cm) (S17) 1 x Moon's Probe (P13M) 1 x #1 (CL85) 1 x Mead (R1A) 1 x Miller # 52 (BF52) 1 x Molt-9 Large # 1 (P9)


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