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GC Tooth Mousse Plus Mint Flavour

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus Strawberry Flavour

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus Vanilla Flavour

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus is a topical tooth crème that helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the tooth structure. The Tooth Mousse Plus binds calcium and phosphate to the surfaces of the tooth, resulting in a stronger crystalline structure. The presence of Recaldent (a casein derived protein), helps replace the minerals lost as a result of bacterial metabolism. This protects the tooth from decay and erosion.

A water based crème with incorporated fluoride and the benefits of Recaldent, GC Tooth Mousse Plus was developed and launched in 2006 and is being sold in over 50 countries worldwide. It is an award winning topical tooth crème that helps prevent caries and also reverses the damage caused by decay to the teeth. Powerful remineralization and prevention of dental decay can be achieved by the use of GC Tooth Mousse Plus.

The combination of fluoride with Recaldent increases the amount off fluoride that is made bio-available to the dentition. The fluoride ions are surrounded by peptides in the Recaldent nanocomplex. This holds them in place so that fluoride is delivered to the tooth in required areas. GC Tooth Mousse Plus has proven to be more effective than fluoride-only preparations.

Available Flavours – Melon, Mint, Tutti-Frutti, Strawberry and Vanilla

Warning: The use of GC Tooth Mousse Plus is contraindicated in patients with milk protein allergies. If allergic reactions do occur, they may indicate sensitivity to benzoate preservatives, or other components of the product. In the case of allergic reactions, the use of the product is to be discontinued.



BenefitsReduces tooth sensitivity Minimizes sensitivity before and after oral prophylaxis procedures such as scaling. Post whitening sensitivity is reduced. Dentin hypersensitivity as a result of orthodontic treatment can be controlled or reduced. Can be used several times a day Ease of application Delivery of Recaldent (CPP-ACP) restores mineral balance in the oral cavity. Serves as an extra layer of protection for the teeth Maintenance of the oral pH by neutralizing the acid produced from acidogenic bacterial metabolism and other acid sources. Tastes delicious and hence increases patient compliance 900ppm of fluoride in a product is designed for high risk patients.
Features900ppm of a unique patented form of fluoride CPP-ACPF releases fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate ions in the correct 5:3:1 ratio required for the formation of acid resistant fluoroapatite Delivers RECALDENT - (CPP-ACP) to restore mineral balance in the oral environment Provides extra protection for teeth Helps neutralize acid challenges from acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other internal and external acid sources Tastes delicious and makes teeth feel smoother and cleaner

Patients with poor plaque control. Patients with high risk of dental caries. Patients affected by aggressive caries. Patients with GERD and an acidic oral environment. Orthodontic therapy – during and after treatment. Pregnant women. To treat dentin hypersensitivity Medically compromised patients Patients with salivary deficiency; Xerostomia.

Directions To USE

Home application: Brush teeth with a fluoride containing toothpaste (1000ppm) in the morning Application of GC Tooth Mousse Plus to the tooth surfaces is then done using a clean finger. The mouth is left undisturbed for 3 minutes Repeat this up to 4 times a day. Dentist application: The dentists must apply a pea sized amount of GC Tooth Mousse Plus on to the tooth surfaces using a clean finger. The custom tray is set in the mouth The mouth is left undisturbed for 3 minutes The patient is asked to avoid expectoration or swallowing for 2 minutes


1 x 40G Tube