GC Tooth Mousse Plus | Remineralising Sugar-Free Dental Topical Paste, Containing Calcium and Phosphate, With Fluoride.

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus – Mint Flavour

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus – Strawberry Flavour

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GC Tooth Mousse Plus – Vanilla Flavour

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Tooth Mousse Plus are topical tooth crèmes that helps mineralise teeth. Both of the products bind calcium and phosphate to the tooth surfaces, plaque and surrounding soft tissue. They also contain RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived protein that can help replace lost minerals in the teeth and helps protect them from decay and erosion. This technology has a unique ability to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate when the patient’s saliva is acidically-challenged by the normal digestive process. Every healthy teeth’s need for calcium, phosphate and fluoride makes MI Paste and MI Paste Plus essential for every home and dental office. They are both available in five tasty flavors: melon, mint, strawberry, tutti-frutti and vanilla. 900ppm of a unique patented form of fluoride.




#. Tooth Mousse Plus with RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) has a proven clinical success record for patients with increased caries risk and white spot lesions (these include: orthodontic appliances, bleaching, consumption of sports drinks and medical therapies causing low salivary flow or xerostomia)

#. Casein Phosphopeptide (CPP) are natural occurring molecules which are able to bind calcium and phosphate ions and stabilize ACP

#. Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) is also the source of calcium and phosphate

#. GC Tooth Mousse Plus Paste with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) is a special milk-derived protein; it is safe, effective and natural as it strengthens teeth with tooth-replenishing calcium, phosphate and fluoride. It adheres easily to soft tissue, pellicle, plaque and even hydroxyapatite. They react similar to the mineral/statherin relation in saliva supplying bio-available calcium and phosphate required for remineralization to take place1

#. The calcium and phosphate in RECALDENT are known to help strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity, and buffer plaque acid

#. It is not a toothpaste; it is a topical tooth crème that can be used safely several times daily

#. It offers the same great benefits of regular Mousse Paste it is enhanced with a patented form of fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from caries development

#. It releases vital minerals into the mouth when and where needed

#. 900ppm of a unique patented form of fluoride


1. To provide extra protection for teeth

2. After tooth whitening

3. For desensitizing

4. During and/or after orthodontics

5. For medically compromised patients

6. For salivary deficiency; dry mouth

7. For patients with acidic, oral environments

8. For erosion and gastric reflex

9. For patients with poor plaque control

10. For high-caries risk patients

Directions To USE

#. Applying at Home:

1. Brush with a fluoride toothpaste (1,000 ppm) in the morning

2. Using a clean finger, apply a generous layer of Tooth Mousse or Tooth Mousse to the tooth surface

3. Leave the mouth undisturbed for 3 minutes (repeat up to 4 times a day)

4. The longer GC Tooth Mousse and saliva are maintained in the mouth, the more effective the result.

5. The patient expectorates and if possible avoids rinsing. Any creme remaining on the surface can be left to gradually dissipate.

6. Patient is advised not to eat or drink 30 minutes following application.

#. Applying at the dental office:

1. Using a clean finger, apply a pea-sized amount of Tooth Mousse or Tooth Mousse Plus to the tooth surface

2. Take the custom tray and set in the mouth

3. Leave the mouth undisturbed for 3 minutes

4. Ask patient to avoid expectoration or swallowing for 2 minutes


1 X GC Tooth Mousse Plus 40gm Tube