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GC Solare X Shade A02 – 5G Syringe

sold out Rs.1,200.00 Rs.1,437.00

GC Solare X Shade A1 – 5G Syringe

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GC Solare X Shade A2 – 5G Syringe

sold out Rs.1,200.00 Rs.1,437.00


GC Solare X is a universal composite resin restorative material that can be used for both anterior and posterior tooth restorations. It has unmatchable aesthetic invisibility through its remarkable chameleon effect. About 90% of all the restorations made require only a single shade. Solare X incorporates the use of diverse filler technologies to deliver exceptional aesthetic outcomes. Layering techniques in composite restorations are minimally required when using GC Solare X. Containing nanofillers, glass fillers and pre-polymerised filler materials this composite material replicates the aesthetic properties of the natural tooth. They imitate natural tooth characteristics such as complex light transmission, diffusion and reflection. The pre-polymerised fillers containing lanthanoid fluoride nano-particles contribute to the chameleon effect and the natural tooth like properties.

GC Solare X has non-sticky handling properties that makes manipulation easier. The excellent physical properties such as high fracture toughness, low shrinkage stress, low modulus of elasticity make it a perfect restorative for posterior teeth as well. Studies have shown that restorations made of GC Solare X exhibited very acceptable clinical performance and enamel-like quantitative wear patterns after 4 years of clinical service




Universal composite resin
Chameleon effect
Excellent aesthetic properties
Pre-polymerized fillers to imitate properties of natural tooth
Easy and quick to polish
Low shrinkage stress
High fracture toughness
Unmatchable handling characteristics
Non-sticky handling



GC Solare X is to be stored in a cool and dark place at a temperature between 4 – 25oC.

Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture

Directions To USE

Bonding treatment with GC Solare X:

The use of GC Fuji Bond LC or UniFil Bond or G-BOND is recommended as the bonding agent, while restoring teeth with GC Solare X.

Points to keep in mind while using Solare X:

After dispensing the material screw the syringe plunger in an anticlockwise direction by half a turn to ensure that the residual pressure inside the syringe has been released.
Following cold storage, the material might be hard to extrude. In this case leave it to stand for a few minutes at room temperature
Avoid long exposures to ambient light after dispensing as it can shorten the manipulation time

Light curing with Solare X:

The placed restoration must be light cured using a suitable light source The following tables can be used as reference for light curing:


1 - 5G Syringe