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G-aenial Universal Flo by GC is an advanced flowable composite used for direct restorative purposes. These flowable composites have been specially formulated to achieve higher strength and wear resistance properties in addition to esthetics and ease of handling.

This makes G-aenial Universal Flo stand out among the various flowable composites available. It operates like a low viscous flowable composite and performs like a restorative composite. Available in an innovative delivery system, it has enhanced handling and placement characteristics.

G-aenial Universal Flo can be used to restore cavities ranging from Class I to Class V. It has higher strength than any of the other leading flowable composites. The material exhibits a higher level of gloss retention than others. It is a bis-GMA free product that enhances biocompatibility.

This flowable composite material can be used with a self-etch approach on the dentin and a total etch approach on the enamel.




Superior handling properties
No voids present during placement
Highly esthetic with exceptional gloss
Sustained luster
Excellent durability
Long lasting restorations


Esthetic flowable composite
High flexural strength
High wear resistance
High gloss retention
Innovative delivery system
Speical filler technology using 200nm sized particles
Easy handling
16 shades in three opacities
Bis-GMA free


Direct restorations of Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
Sealing pits and fissures
Sealing hypersensitive areas
Repair of aesthetic restorations
Repair of defect margins of temporary prostheses
Blocking out undercuts
Liner or base

KEY Specifications


Store in a dark, cool place away from high temperatures or direct sunlight
Recommended temperature of storage - 4 - 25°C
Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture

Directions To USE


Attach the dispensing tip to the syringe
Remove any possible air from the dispensing syringe by pushing the plunger forward with the tip pointing upwards until the material reaches the tip opening
Place the dispensing tip close to the cavity and dispense the material.
The material can also be dispensed onto a mixing pad and transferred to the cavity using instruments

Light Curing:

The tip of the light cure unit must be placed close to the surface of the restoration.
Material should be placed in layers and cured.
Insufficient curing or discolouration may be expected when using low light intensity


Light Cure Unit

Time (seconds)

Intensity (mW/cm2)

Plasma arc



GC G-Light








Depth of Cure

A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, JE, AE

2.0 mm

A3.5, A4, B3, C3, BW, CV, AO1, AO2, AO3

1.5 mm

Clinical tips:

If the syringe is plugged remove the dispensing tip and extrude a small amount of material
Minimize exposure of the material to ambient light as it can shorten manipulation time
Dispose the dispensing tip after use and close the syringe tightly with a cap
Using surface tension of the material, the clinician can ensure a uniform restoration surface during build-up.
This can be done by releasing the pressure on the plunger when the required amount has been injected, keeping the syringe in a direction perpendicular to that of the surface.


1 X Syringe 3.4G