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GC Everstick C&B 1 X 8CM

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The use of everStick C&B fibre reinforcement offers a unique treatment method for replacing missing teeth.With everStick C&B you can prepare composite ridges reinforced with fibres in one single visit using a minimally invasive technique. This evidence based fibre reinforcement technology provides you with a metal free, cost-effective treatment method complete your prosthetic treatment choices.GC everStick C&B enables you to prepare reversible, minimally invasive solutions where healthy tooth structure can be saved for as long as it is clinically.



BenefitsPerfect for urgent situations and trauma cases to provide an immediate solution to replace missing teeth Economical alternative in case of extensive restorative needs Ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations
FeaturesReliable and aesthetic way to replace missing teeth during one visit Tooth tissue preserving approach
KEY Specifications

Clinical Tips for Anterior bridges Keep the fibre protected from the light to avoid premature curing. By removing old restorations, you can obtain space for the fibre frame without additional preparation of the teeth. In anterior bridges, attach the fibre frame as incisally as possible to allow maximum support for the bridge. At the occlusal contact, the optimal thickness of the composite layer on top of the fibre frame is 1-2mm. Apply StickRESIN, thin with air, light-cure and cover again with composite. Attach a transverse fibre with flowable composite on the occlusal side to support the pontic. The fibres must be entirely covered with composite. Use thixo

Directions To USE

Step 1: Measure the length of fibre needed Step 2: Cut the fibre inside the silicone Step 3: Clean the teeth with pumice and water Step 4: Etch the teeth for 45-60 seconds Step 5: Bond the etched area and light-cure Step 6: Apply a flowable composite; do not light-cure Step 7: Position the fibre on top of the flowable Step 8: Spread the fibre on the surface of the first tooth Step 9: Light-cure while protecting the rest of the fibre Step 10: Bend the centre of the fibre labially to support the pontic, and hold it in position. Do not light-cure. Step 11: Spread the fibre on the surface of the second tooth, while keeping the labial curvature. Light-cure the complete structure. Step 12: Add a transverse fibre occlusally; cover with flowable & light-cure Step 13: Layer the pontic with composite Step 14: Finish and check the occlusion


Everstick C And B 2 x 12Cm 2 x 12cm Refill Everstick C And B 1 x 8Cm 1 x 8cm Refill 8cm