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Glass Hybrid Restorative System

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sold out Rs.6,850.00 Rs.7,800.00

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EQUIA Forte is a Glass Hybrid material which represents the latest innovation in GCʼs glass ionomer and resin technologies with EQUIA Forte Fil and EQUIA Forte Coat, working in synergy. United they build a stronger, superior posterior bulk fill material. This unique restorative system for all age groups will impress you on all levels.
Compared to other restorative options, EQUIA Forte gives a substantial time advantage. The impressive aesthetics widen your posterior restorative options to fulfil your patientʼs expectations. Based on the EQUIA system, clinically proven over several years, EQUIA Forte offers a great alternative for your daily routine.



FeaturesBulk-fill Easy and quick to use Not technique sensitive Non-sticky and packable No polymerization shrinkage or shrinkage stress Optimal marginal seal that offers long-term resistance to microleakage and discoloration High fluoride release at tooth restorative interface with recharge capability Outstanding resistance to wear and acid erosion

Class I restorations Class II restorations including stress-bearing as per IFU Class V and root surface restorations Intermediate and transitional restorations Core build up

KEY Specifications

PRECAUTIONS Wear protective gloves and eye protection In case of contact with oral tissue or skin, immediately remove with a sponge or cotton pellet. After the restorative treatment is finished, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and seek medical attention. EQUIA Forte Coat is a highly flammable liquid and vapour. Do not use near naked flame. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not store large quantities in one area. Keep away from direct sunlight. EQUIA Forte Coat is volatile. Use in a well ventilated place. Replace cap immediately. If the tissue contacted by EQUIA Forte Coat turns white or forms a bl

Directions To USE

1. CAVITY PREPARATION Prepare tooth using standard techniques. Extensive mechanical retention is unnecessary. For pulp capping use calcium hydroxide. In class V or II situations, we advise the use of an anatomical matrix system. Metal bands should be lubricated with petroleum jelly. Note: Optionally, GC CAVITY CONDITIONER or GC DENTIN CONDITIONER can be applied to the bonding surfaces. Rinse thoroughly with water. Blot away excess water with a cotton pellet or dry by gently blowing with an air syringe. DO NOT DESICCATE. Prepared surfaces should appear moist (glistening). 2. CAPSULE ACTIVATION AND MIXING Before activation, shake the capsule or tap it


Box of 50 Capsules