Tooth colored root canal repair material


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The First Name in Root Repair

When it comes to root repair, trust the original MTA. ProRoot MTA is compositionally formulated to have the physical properties, setting requirements and characteristics necessary for a clinically effective root repair material. It creates an excellent seal that promotes a normal healing response within the root so you can have confidence that your procedure will succeed, and fewer retreatment procedures will be necessary. And its ease of manipulation allows you to tailor its consistency to suit your clinical needs. One use of ProRoot MTA and it’s clear why countless clinicians still trust the first name in root repair.
Use ProRoot MTA for:
Apical plug during apexification
Repair of root perforations during root canal therapy
Treating internal root resorption
Root-end filling material
Pulp-capping material
Now Cleared for Pediatric Pulpotomies
In addition to the numerous ways ProRoot MTA has helped to repair roots for years, the material is now cleared by the FDA for use in pediatric pulpotomy cases. Because ProRoot MTA creates a biocompatible seal, it is ideal for replacing pulp in the chamber to prevent infection from reaching the roots.




1 x 0.5GM (Single Dose)