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DENTSPLY Proglider File 21mm

sold out Rs.2,870.00 Rs.3,215.00

DENTSPLY Proglider File 25mm

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DENTSPLY Proglider File 31mm

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Perhaps the greatest challenge performing endodontic treatment is to consistently find, follow, and secure any given canal to its terminus. Glide path management requires flawless execution, which may be defined as the ability to perform a task in a prescribed manner. Negotiating and securing canals with small-sized manual files requires a mechanical strategy, skillful touch, patience, and desire. A small-sized hand file is initially used to scout, expand, and refine the internal walls of the canal. Once the canal can be manually reproduced, a manual or dedicated mechanical glide path file may be used to expand the working width in preparation for shaping procedures

The ProGlider mechanical glide path file is the next step in glide path management. With progressive tapers and M-wire metallurgy, securing canals has never been easier or safer




One Path:
As complex as a winding roller coaster, the root canal path is lined with twists and curves that require flexibility in a file to create a predictable glide path. ProGlider cuts this path with precision, creating a free fall to the apex for shaping file systems and offering several advantages over other glide path files.

One File:
Regardless of the path’s complexity, ProGlider is a one file glide path solution. Made with M-Wire NiTi Alloy and uniquely shaped with a variable taper, ProGlider’s combination of strength and flexibility makes it the only file you’ll need to manage the curves with ease and stay on track to the apex.

Single Patient Use:
ProGlider combines the work of multiple files into one, making single patient use paramount to maintain file strength. ProGlider files are conveniently packagaed in presterilized blister packs.

KEY Specifications

ProGlider™ Instruments are made with M-Wire®, a nickel-titanium alloy.

Directions To USE

1. Prepare straight-line access to canal orifice.
2. Explore the canal up to a .010 K-file.
3. Establish working length with an apex locator, alone or in combination with a radiograph. Confirm patency with a .010 K-file and verify a smooth, reproducible glide path.
4. Irrigate.
5. Use PROGLIDER™ in one or more passes until the full working length is reached.
6. Irrigate the expanded glide path.
7. Reconfirm the working length with a .010 K-file before shaping the canal with a rotary or reciprocating file (such as WAVEONE® Reciprocating File or PROTAPER NEXT® Rotary File).
ProGlider™ should be used with an endodontic motor, at a speed of 300 rpm with light apical pressure, and set at 2-5.2 Ncm for torque control.
Establish a reproducible glide path using small-sized hand files (Lexicon® .010 K-File) prior to ProGlider™