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PoFile (profiles) is a new type of nickel-titanium (NiTi) rotary endodontic instrument. Four features distinguish them from standard tools. First, they are made of nickel-titanium alloy, which gives them high ductility and allows processing of the channel with bending up to 90 °. Secondly, the files have a taper of 4 and 6%, which ensures safe operation. The third feature is a U-shaped cross section without pronounced cutting edges, which allows you to remove sawdust from the root canal. The fourth is a modified (blunt) tip, through which the tool can penetrate into the channel without creating additional direction (perforation).
ProFile® tools, introduced in 1996, are as secure as possible due to non-cutting radial flat edges and a U-shape in cross section.
ProFile®’s multiple taper, ranging from 2 to 8%, allows you to successfully complete the entire root canal using the crown-down technique.
The increased flexibility of the finishing files allows you to gently form the root canal, especially in the apical third.

Buy ProFile (ProFile) 06 No. 25, 25 mm, Dentsply, machine canal dilator (6 pieces) produced by Dentsply you can at at a price of 2 470 rubles.