DENTSPLY Flurocore2 Kit

Core Buildup

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Core Build-up Material plus Endodontic Post Cement enables Clinicians to use one material for two consecutive parts of the same procedure. Post cementations can be immediately followed with core build-ups for an efficient and effective restorative procedure. If posts are not needed, FluoroCore 2+ can be used for just the core build-up prior to crown placement




2 x Automix Syringes -Tooth colored (4.75g each) 2 x Automix Syringes - Blue (4.75g each) 1 x Veno IV One component Light Cured Self-Etching Dental Adhesive (2ml) 1 x Prime & Bond NT Light cured Dental Adhesive (2ml) 1 x Self Cure Activator (2ml) 25 x Mixing tips 25 x Intraoral Tips 10 x Endo Intraoral Tips 1 x Dispensing well 50 x Root Canal Applicator Tips 50 x Flocked Applicator Tips