Prevest Fusion Core DC Flo (9GM)

Core Build-up Material

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Fusion Core DC Flo is a dual cure, radiopaque , two component, core build-up material in a convenient automix delivery syringe. This material flows conveniently, yet stacks without slumping, thus offering easy placement.The dual cure formulation allows complete curing.


Prevest DenPro

BenefitsFlowable, non-slumping formula for convenient placement Low shrinkage properties Light curing for time saving application Additional chemical curing for complete polymerization Low heat development even in bulk application

Luting of fibre -reinforced resin posts Core build -up for vital and non-vital teeth


1 X 9G Automix Syringe 10 X Automix Tips. 5 X Intra-Oral Tips 5 x Endo Tips