Dental Avenue Avue Prep | EDTA Gel With Carbamide Peroxide

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Dental Avenue Avueprep – 3G Syringe

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Dental Avenue Avueprep – 15G Plastic Container

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Removes smear layer and softens the dentin & eases the removal of calcifiedobstructions.
Urea Peroxide interacts with Avuechlor produces Oxygen bubbles which flushes out the debris .
EDTA reacts with calcium deposits & softens the canal walls and hence helps rapid cleansing and enlargement of canals.
Lubricates instrument movement, eliminates instrument binding and breakages.
Unclogs dentinal tubules, and apical area, allows better penetration and easier&placement of root canal medicaments and fillings in the canals.


Dental Avenue


Chelates calcium from calcified root canal
Softens infected Dentine
Helps widening and shaping the canals
Best suited for Debridement in root canal
Removes smear layer
Antibacterial effect in the canal
Helps clearance of Dentinal tubules & Apical area


Dental-Avenue Avueprep Single Syringe:

1 x 3g Syringe
Dental Avenue Avueprep Double Syringe:

2 x 3g Syringe
Dental Avenue Avueprep -15g Plastic Container:

1 x 15g plastic container