Woodpecker Scaler Tip Torque Wrench | Used to Tighten the Scaling Tips

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The Woodpecker Scaler Tip Torque Wrench is a compatible tool designed specifically for use with the Woodpecker Handpiece. This torque wrench is engineered to provide an optimal solution for dental professionals using ultrasonic scalers. Equipped with a clutch mechanism, the torque wrench ensures the efficient protection of the ultrasonic scaler handpiece. When the strength exerted on the scaler tip reaches its limit, the clutch inside the torque wrench engages, causing it to skid. This skidding action prevents any further force from being exerted on the tip, effectively safeguarding the delicate components of the handpiece.By employing this innovative mechanism, the Woodpecker Scaler Tip Torque Wrench offers peace of mind to dental practitioners, reducing the risk of damage to the handpiece. This protective feature not only prolongs the lifespan of the ultrasonic scaler but also minimizes the need for repairs and replacements, ultimately saving time and resources.




#. Well Surface Finished

#. 135℃ Autoclavable

#. Protect your hand piece

Directions To USE

#. Begin by ensuring that the Woodpecker Handpiece is securely attached to the dental unit or scaler device. Make sure it is properly aligned and locked in place.

#. Take the Woodpecker Scaler Tip Torque Wrench and locate the socket or fitting that matches the tip of the handpiece. Ensure a proper fit to avoid slippage or damage during use.

#. Gently insert the scaler tip into the socket of the torque wrench, ensuring a snug fit. Ensure that the tip is fully inserted and engaged with the wrench.

#. Hold the torque wrench firmly with one hand, making sure you have a secure grip. This will allow you to control and apply the necessary force effectively.

#. With the scaler tip and wrench securely connected, position the tip against the area or tooth surface that requires scaling or cleaning. Take care to maintain the correct angle and pressure for effective and safe treatment.

#. Begin applying pressure to the scaler tip while keeping a consistent grip on the torque wrench. As you exert force, be mindful of the resistance and feedback from the torque wrench.

#. Continue scaling or cleaning while monitoring the torque wrench. If you reach the limit of force recommended for the scaler tip, the clutch mechanism inside the torque wrench will skid, preventing further exertion of force and protecting the handpiece from potential damage.

#. If you need to adjust the force or angle during treatment, release pressure on the torque wrench, reposition the handpiece and resume scaling as needed.

#. After completing the scaling procedure, release the pressure on the torque wrench and carefully remove the scaler tip from the wrench's socket.


1 X Torque Wrench