WIZDENT Wonder Pro Fill A2 Shade | Composite Syringes

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A visible light cured, radio-paque nano-restorative that combines excellent strength with a remarkably simple choice of shades.

Enabled by a unique “Bridge Shade Concept” that combines two or more VITA* shades into a single shade, Wonder ProFill provides superior aesthetics while minimizing shade inventories. The high filler content (83%) provides an optimum consistency for easy manipulation, a superior shade match and an almost imperceptible post-curing shade change. It is available in 3 opacities – Body, Opaque and Enamel and its unique fluoride release feature helps prevent plaque build-up and reduce secondary caries.




#. Simplified shade management system that minimizes shade inventory

#. Easy shade match and shade stability

#. Non-sticky handling for precise cavity adaptation

#. Excellent abrasion resistance ensures tough and durable long lasting restorations

#. Impressive high gloss polish and polish retention


#. Direct restorative for Class I, II, III IV and V restorations

#. Cosmetic tooth modifications/re-shaping (e.g. Incisal lengthening, Masking of discoloured teeth)

#. Diastema closure

#. Corebuild-ups

#. Restoration of Deciduous teeth

#. Repair of existing composite restorations, laminate veneers, porcelain chip-offs, etc.

#. Splinting of mobile teeth


A2 Shade X 1 Syringe of 4G