W&H Implantmed Surgical Unit Complete SI-1023

Implant Motor

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W&H Implantmed Surgical Unit With WI-75 E/KM Implantology Contra Angle 20:1

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W&H Implantmed Surgical Unit With WS-75 LG Surgical Contra Angle Fibre Optic 20:1

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W&H Implantmed Surgical Complete Unit

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Implantmed excels by virtue of its ease of operation, powerful motor and automatic thread cutter function.

The logically designed operating concept supports implantologists and ensures all programs can be set up easily, by pressing the buttons on the unit or by operating the foot control.

With this powerful motor even difficult implantological procedures no longer demand great strength.
A motor torque of 5.5 Ncm and a motor speed range of 300 up to 40,000 rpm make light work of tough procedures.
The automatic torque control at the rotary instrument, which can be set on the Implantmed unit at between 5 and 70 Ncm, ensures it is safe in operation.
Ease of use is the major feature.
You can set up all the steps for an implantation without difficulty by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the unit or by operating the foot control.
The set parameters are clearly visible on the large display and are easy – to – read.
The thread cutter function, which is integrated in Program 5, supports you when inserting implants in hard bone.
Cutting a thread before screwing in an implant prevents excessive compression of the bone and promotes stress – free healing of the implant.




Control unit (with touch screen) Irrigant support Universal support Mains cable 3 disposable irrigation tubings Electric motor with W&H connection Wireless Foot control W&H SI-1023 model.