Woodpecker Ultra Surgery X

Physiodispensor / Implant Motor

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Woodpecker Ultra Surgery X is a third generation of Woodpecker Ultrasurgery which is designed to perform numerous Clinical Applications namely, minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus Lift, Alveoloplasty, apical cyst extraction, Crown extension, Crest Splitting etc.
Available Working Modes
Cutting Mode
Periodontal Mode
Endodontic Mode
Cleaning Mode



FeaturesTips Kit: Specially used for tooth extraction, crest splitting and retro-preparation. Adopt gold plating which is wear resistant and practical with long time of endurance 7-inch touch screen panel: Clearly displays the information and allows the direct operation by simply tapping the screen Multi-Functional Foot Panel: It makes it easy to control water flow, working mode and power, simplifying operating procedures and realizing efficient operations. High Performance Handpiece: An Optimized handpiece with stronger sealing technology further has high brightness LED to bring clear operating vision

1 Main Unit 14 Tips including 1 implant tip, 1 Extraction Tip, 7 Bone cutting Tips, 5 Sinus lift Tips