VOCO Ionofil Molar – Liquid/Powder

Glass Ionomer Restorative Material

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VOCO Ionofil Molar – Liquid 10ml

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VOCO Ionofil Molar – Powder 15g

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It is a Packable glass ionomer filling cement.


Class I restoration (non occlusion-bearing)
Long-term temporary class I and II restoration
Lining and build-up fillings
Core build-up
Restoration of deciduous teeth
Restoration of V-shaped defects and cervical enamel erosions



FeaturesVery good packability Non-sticky consistency Very high abrasion resistance, compressive and transverse strength Good adhesion to dentine and enamel Very durable fillings Continuous high fluoride release Radiopaque Biocompatible Tooth-like aesthetic translucency
Directions To USE

Preparation: The adhesion of VOCO lonofil Molar to enamel and dentine prevents the formation of marginal gaps and creates retentions. Undercuts give additional hold to the filling. The layer thickness of fillings should not be less than 1 mm. Avoid feather-shaped margins. In case of doubt choose conventional preparation. Clean the cavity (e. g. 3 % hydrogen peroxide), thoroughly rinse with water and dry (warm air). Do not overdry dentine. If the remaining dentine is thicker than 1.5 mm additional lining is not necessary. Cover areas in close proximity to the pulp with calcium hydroxide to avoid pulp irritations which may occur in cases of insufficient dentine thickness. Apply VOCO lonofil Molar at room temperature (19 °C - 23 °C); in case of high temperatures the use of a cooled glass plate is advantageous. Low temperatures prolong the working time. Furthermore, VOCO Ionofil Molar is suitable for use for the purposes of ART-technique (Atraumatic restorative treatment). Mixing powder/liquid: Shake powder well before use! Mix one level measuring scoop of powder with one drop of liquid. This corresponds to a mixing ratio of 4.0 parts powder to 1 part liquid by weight. Hold dropping bottle in vertical position and place 1 drop of liquid onto a dry glass or plastic plate. Hold bottle high enough so that a single drop can fall down freely. Only use drops without enclosed air bubbles! Mix the powder into the liquid in two equal portions using a clean metal spatula, or preferably with a clean plastic spatula. Only mix in the second portion when the first portion has been mixed in homogenously. The mixed cement has a firm, packable consistency. Avoid any contact with humidity! Never add new liquid during mixing! Mixing time working time setting time 50 - 60 s 2 - 3 min 4 - 5 min The mixing time takes approx. 50 - 60 s and should not exceed 1 min. Application: After application into the cavity VOCO lonofil Molar will set within approx. 2 - 3 min. During the placing of a filling the working area must be kept dry. The use of a rubber dam is recommended. Linings or build-up fillings can be carefully finished after setting (approx. 4 - 6 min after application). Glass ionomer cements are susceptible to humidity (breath, saliva) or, respectively, dehydration during the setting time, especially directly after application. If possible, cover immediately with a strip or matrix or apply a protective varnish. Finishing and polishing (flexible polishing discs) of the fillings should follow 7 min after application at the earliest. Afterwards, cover again with varnish. The best finishing results will be achieved approx. 24 h after the filling has been inserted.


1 x Liquid 10ml 1 x Powder 15g


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