Septodont Quitanet Ultra

Disinfection Solution for Dental Instruments

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Concentrated cleaning and disinfection solution for dental instruments



FeaturesEconomical to use: the diluted (2%) solution remains active 24 hours. Can be used in a soaking tank and in ultra-sonic tank. Bactericidal in 5 min, 1%, 20°C: EN1040, EN 13727, EN 14561. Yeasticidal in 5 min, 2%, 20°C: EN 1275, EN 13624 and EN 14562. Tuberculocidal in 60 min, 2%, 20°C: EN 14563, EN14348. Active against HIV – 1, Herpes virus and PRV (surrogate of HBV) in 5 min, 0.1%, 20°C, against BVDV (surrogate of HCV) in 10 min, 0.25%, 20°C and against Influenza virus A [H1N1] in 5 min, 0.75%, 20°C.

Instrument cleaning and disinfection


1 Litre Bottle