Septodont Progel-B Mint Flavor | Jar OF 30G Gel

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Progel-B Anaesthetic Gel is a remarkable oral care product specifically designed to provide temporary relief from pain caused by minor irritation or injury to the oral mucosa and gums. With its powerful formula containing 20% Benzocaine, it quickly alleviates discomfort and promotes a soothing sensation.
This gel is not only ideal for managing pain associated with common oral issues such as canker sores, but it is also effective in providing relief from discomfort caused by denture or orthodontic appliances. The innovative formulation of Progel-B Anaesthetic Gel targets the affected areas, delivering fast and reliable results to ensure maximum comfort.Moreover, Progel-B Anaesthetic Gel stands out due to its dye-free formulation. This means that it does not contain any artificial coloring agents, making it suitable for individuals with sensitivities or preferences for natural products. Additionally, the gel is flavored without any bitter taste, enhancing the overall user experience.




#. Fast and effective 20% Benzocaine Topical anesthetic gel

#. Easy to use gel formulation with Dye-Free flavoring and no bitter taste.

#. Targeted application

#. Versatile use

#. Gingival application

#. Pleasant experience


Temporary Relief of pain due to minor irritation or injury of the oral mucosa and gums.
Temporary relief of pain associated with cancer sores ,denture or orthodontic appliances
Gingival Application before Scaling.


30GM Jar