Septodont Alveogyl | Surgical Dressing Paste

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Alveogyl, developed by Septodont, is a highly effective dental paste designed for treating dry sockets and serving as a post-extraction dressing. This one-step solution provides rapid pain relief for patients and offers convenience for dental professionals. Alveogyl’s unique formulation eliminates the need for sutures or special attention, as it self-eliminates while promoting healing through observation of the process. The paste’s fibrous consistency, achieved through the inclusion of Penghawar fibers, enables easy filling of the socket and excellent adherence to the alveolar tissue. By soothing the alveolar tissues, Alveogyl swiftly alleviates pain. It is particularly useful in cases of dry sockets or following difficult or traumatic extractions in patients with a history of dry sockets. With Alveogyl, patients can experience relief and dental professionals can provide efficient and effective treatment for post-extraction care.




With a fibrous consistency thanks to Penghawar fibers for an easy filling of the socket and a good adherence to the alveolus
Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the pain
Convenient and easy-to-use: Alveogyl is a one step, self-eliminating treatment requiring no suturing and no special attention other than observation of the healing process
May also be used as post-extraction dressing in patients with history of dry sockets


Dry socket treatment.


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