SafeEndo Socket Cure | Dry Socket Treatment

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SafeEndo Socket Cure

Socket Cure is a fiber paste with a specific odor used for antiseptic treatment of extraction
socket. Socket Cure is not resorbable. Paste washes out of sockets over time, which helps in wound healing. During follow-up, there’s no need to extract paste remains, i.e. no soft tissue traumatizing.




#. Fast and prolonged analgesic effect

#. Strong antiseptic

#. Fast hemostasis and blood clots formation

#. Good consistency – fibrous easy forming paste

#. Fast wound healing

#. No need to remove the paste from the socket (gradually washing)

#. Does not hurt oral mucosa.


#. Socket treatment after tooth extraction

#. Alveoalgia prophylaxis

#. Acute alveolitis treatment


1 X 15g Jar