SafeEndo EugeSeal | Zinc Oxide Eugenol Root Canal Sealer

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SafeEndo EugeSeal is a Zinc Oxide Eugenol based sealer in powder-liquid form for permanent filling of root canals. This sealant has been specially designed to tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal. It can be easily removed along with Gutta Percha Point when refilling is necessary.




#. Easily mixed and remains flexible during 2-3 hours

#. Strong bactericidal effect due to thymol iodide

#. Dense canals and microtubules filling (film thickness 3-5 m)

#. Low solubility (0,15%) guarantees longtime lifespan of root filling

#. Radiopaque

#. Significant periapical sensibility reduction (contains Dexamethasone - 0.01%, Hydrocortisone acetate - 1.00%)


#. Sealing of prepared root canals with gutta-percha points

#. Sealing of root canals without gutta-percha points in decidous teeth


#. 1 X Powder Glass Bottle (14 g)

#. 1 X Liquid Bottle with a pipette-cap (10 ml)

#. 1 X Measuring spoon

#. 1 X Mixing pad