Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid Composite A2 Shade

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Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid is a light-curing resin-based dental restorative material. It integrates Urethane Dimethacrylate with an ultrafine, radiopaque glass filler, ensuring highly homogeneous restorations with minimal shrinkage. Its easy handling facilitates precise placement and contouring, while its high abrasion resistance ensures durability and gentleness on opposing dentition. With brilliant color stability, it maintains aesthetic integrity over time, making it ideal for various applications such as direct anterior and posterior restorations, indirect restorations like inlays and onlays, fissure sealing, stump building, splinting, and aesthetic corrections. Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid embodies the principles of minimally invasive dentistry, enabling conservative tooth preparation and preserving healthy tooth structure. Its advanced formulation and versatile indications make it a reliable choice for modern restorative dentistry, ensuring consistent results and patient satisfaction.


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#. Urethane Dimethacrylate-based composite with ultrafine glass filler

#. Minimal shrinkage, easy handling, and high abrasion resistance

#. Long-lasting color stability

#. Versatile for direct and indirect restorations

#. Ideal for various applications including fissure sealing, stump building, and splinting


#. Direct anterior and posterior tooth restorations in Black’s classes I, II, III, IV, V

#.Indirect restorations such as inlays, onlays and veneers

#. Extended fissure sealing on molars and premolars

#. Building up stumps

#. Splinting of loosened teeth
Corrections of shape and color to enhance aesthetics


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