Prevest Denpro Alfina

Alginate Impression Material 

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Prevest Denpro Alfina Chromatic Regular Set

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Prevest Denpro Alfina Regular Set

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Advanced new lead and dust free formula of ultra-fine alginate parlicles with significantly enhanced powder water affinity.


Prevest DenPro

BenefitsExtremely good powder-water affinity Dust free & lead free Highly elastic with excellent elastic memory Easier and quicker to mix without bubbles or inconsistencies Better taste with no excessive salivation, which is pleasant for patient and user Ideal thixotropic properties so it flows easily under light pressure without causing gagging Excellent adhesion to hydrocolloid materials

Impression for- Restorations like inlays, crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic applications Study models Opposing detentions