NSK Varios 170 Scaler

Optic Multi-Function Scaler

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NSK Varios 170 LUX LED inbuilt Scaler With 3 Tips

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NSK Varios 170 Scaler with 3 Tips

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Varios 170 by NSK is the world’s smallest built-in optic control module. It features the NSK iPiezo engine which ensures stable power output all the times. The new slimmer and extremely lightweight handpiece with twin LED& easily added to the existing handpiece delivery unit and is controlled via the existing foot control



FeaturesiPiezo engine which ensures stable power output ensures stable frequency, automatically adjusting to the optimum frequency for each tip available to give an excellent, tactile feel. It also assures an optimal and stable power output by monitoring the loading of the tip and adjusting it. Slim & lightweight handpiece. Sterilization Case: The handpiece, tips and tip wrenches can be sterilized together according to the convenience.
KEY Specifications

Power Supply AC24V ±10% (or DC24-36V) Frequency 28-32 KHz Max. output 11W Dimensions W63 x D54 x H26 (mm) Module weight Module weight 59g


Built in module Handpiece Handpiece cord 3 Scaling tips (G4, G6, G8) 3 x Tip replacement wrench with torque limiter Sterilization case