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NSK Pana Max Plus Mini Head Air Rotor

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NSK Pana Max Plus Standard Head Air Rotor

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Pana Max Plus Air Rotor Handpiece from NSK is a high-speed handpiece enhanced to meet the expectations of modern dental surgeries. This new Pana Max Plus turbine cartridge delivers increased smoothness. The bur retention system has been carefully engineered to secure and retain the bur even under increased torque loads. The body made of stainless steel and the optimal degree of angulation allow excellent direct visibility of the operating site.

The slim stainless steel body design enhances comfort for all hand sizes and allows excellent dexterity for all regions for the oral cavity. The NSK Clean Head System is specially designed to prevent the entry of oral fluids and contaminants into the head of the handpiece, thereby prolonging the lifespan. These handpieces feature the NSK “Integrated Shaft Bearings (ISB)” which reduce vibration and guarantee accurate and consistent cutting. NSK Quattro Water Spray is an efficient system that cools the entire surface of the bur reducing the heat produced during operation. The cartridges, which can be easily replaced, incorporate spray holes that guarantee proper working of the cartridge and water spray together.



FeaturesLight weighted, comfortable handpiece with new optimized wind wheel and gas path design. Ceramic Bearings – quieter operation & longer life Clean Head System for enhanced infection control Easy cartridge replacement Stainless Steel Body Non optic
KEY Specifications

Head Standard Head Power 18W Rotation 340,000 ~ 410,000 min-1 Head Size Ø12.1 x H13.3 mm Water Spray Quattro Spray Body Material Stainless Head Miniature Head Power 16W Rotation 380,000 ~ 450,000 min-1 Head Size Ø10.6 x H12.4 mm Water Spray Quattro Spray Body Material Stainless


1 unit of NSK Handpiece (push button type) Cap scanner Instruction manual


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