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NSK Dyna LED Mini Head Handpiece

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NSK Dyna LED Standard Handpiece

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NSK DynaLED Turbine handpieces are produced by NSK micro precision engineering resulting in high performance and long term reliability.
These innovative Turbines include a dynamic integrated mini power generator which delivers long life, daylight quality LED illumination when connected to any standard non optic air tubing.
Clinicians can instantly gain the advantage of LED illumination on their existing or new dental equipment, simply for the cost of the Turbine.
NSK has chosen stainless steel for DynaLED Turbines as a high priority for durability and stable, long term function.



FeaturesClean head system (NSK hand pieces): is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent entry of oral fluids & other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging life of bearings Integrated Shaft Bearings for smooth & quiet long dental procedures ensures consistent cutting Dual Air jet: generates high power by propelling the turbine blades to achieve more rotating momentum Quattro water spray - which cools effectively the entire operating field Cellular glass optics- this rod delivers light in oral cavity exactly where needed Ceramic Bearings – Quieter Operation & Longer Life
KEY Specifications

Specifications Head Standard Head Power 16W Rotation 330,000~430,000 min-1 Head Size Ø12.1 x H13.3 mm Water Spray Quattro Spray Body Material Stainless


1 unit of NSK Handpiece (Push button chuck type) cap scanner instruction manual packing list


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