NSK Dental Engine Micro Motor Ultimate Xl Desk Top Complete Set (Laboratory)

Lab Micromotor


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Experience Unprecedented Smoothness and Power :

The world’s leading laboratory micromotor just got better. The ULTIMATE range has evolved to run even smoother and be more powerful. With 180º vector control system, it assures you to work more efficiently and stressfree. The handpiece shape has been designed extremely carefully with ergonomy and functionality, always being at the forefront of the designer’s mind. The result is a handpiece which considerably reduces hand fatigue and makes it easier to work on even the most delicate pieces of work for extended periods of time. Experience the next generation performance the ULTIMATE XL has to offer.

Speed : 1000 – 50000 RPM, Torque : 8.7 Ncm



FeaturesRipple-free smooth rotation with 180° vector control system Powerful and stable torque across the entire speed range Easy-to-hold handpiece design ensures precision Ligth weight compact body reduces hand fatigue and improves balance Unique dust-proof mechanism prevents contamination therefore achieving higher durability Minimal vibration, and noise from hermetically shielded micromotor unit Approximately 30% increased chuck strength enables you to work on a wider variety of materials


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