META E And Q Master Obturation System Cordless

Cordless Gutta Percha Obturation System

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The E&Q Master has the same battery charging system as the mobile phone. It operates at low voltage for users safety. If the battery is discharged during use, you can replace it with an extra battery on standby for continuous use. The slim design and simple operation of the E&Q Master will maximize effective-ness and convenience


Meta Biomed

BenefitsThe slim design was made for comfortable handling to maximize effectiveness and convenience. The slim design provides a nice grip for easy handling. The simple functions are user friendly for quick operation of device. The simple operation allows you to learn easily and quickly. The thermo-plasticized method of filling makes speedy treatment. Easy and quick obturation with accurate and predictable filling
FeaturesConvenience in application Convenience in retreatment Hydraulic property Biocompatibility High sealing ability High radiopacity and biocompatibility

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