MEDICEPT SureSeal XT | Root Canal Sealer

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Sure Seal XT is a state-of-the-art root canal sealer that offers outstanding features for successful endodontic procedures. This zinc oxide eugenol-based paste/paste sealer exhibits exceptional radiopacity due to the inclusion of barium sulfate, ensuring accurate post-treatment evaluations. Its low film thickness guarantees precise adaptation to obturation points, minimizing the risk of voids and leakage. Moreover, this formulation provides excellent dimensional stability, reducing potential changes over time. Its non-staining properties maintain the tooth’s appearance, further enhancing patient satisfaction. Sure Seal XT’s ease of use allows for simple mixing, resulting in a smooth, creamy consistency that facilitates efficient application within the root canal space. Designed for permanent obturation, this sealer ensures a durable and long-lasting root canal seal. Dental professionals can rely on Sure Seal XT for reliable and effective results in root canal treatments.




#. Radiopaque with barium sulfate for excellent X-ray visibility

#. Low film thickness for precise adaptation and reduced voids

#. ZOE-based formula with soothing and antibacterial properties

#. Low leakage and minimal dimensional change for a tight seal

#. Eliminates staining of the tooth for the natural appearance

#. Easy mixing with the smooth and creamy consistency

#. Designed for permanent obturation with obturation points


#. 1 X 8G Base Paste

#. 1 X 3.5G Accelerator Paste