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Mani RT Files 21mm




Tapering Percentage: 2%


Robust Flexibility & Versatility strong cutting force:
If the land area of the square is assumed to be 1.00, the land area of RT files is 0.80(1:2T) & 0.60(1:3RT). The bending torque is reduced & the proper flexibility is achieved. How they are able to work so well in curved root canals.
Superior Cutting Ability:
RT files have a working angle of 71 degree, which is substancially larger than the 45 degree angle is square cross-section files. They have more cutting ability than standard 45 degree square files.
Debris Removal:
Since the cutting edges of the RT files are set at large angle of 85 degree, they maintain excellent cutting performance over time. With their deep spaces between the cutting degrees and with concavaness of the back edges. With this unique design there is less chance of pushing the debris toward root apex and forcing it out of the apical foramen.
Niti alloy files tend to go back to original position due to their shape memory effect, which means they are in constant danger of cutting away excessive amounts of material from the outside curve of a root canal. However, since Rt Files are made of stainless steel, they can be pre-curved to match with the curvature of a root canal, which lets them follow the natural path accurately.
Optimal Fracture Resistance:
RT Files have more fracture angle than Other K-Files
Soft Front Edge:
Prevents pushing debris apically
Sharp edge excavates canal debris


Effective file for treatment of a curved root canal

KEY Specifications

RT Files
Effective for curved canals
Effective for normal or slightly curved canals
Optimal Fracture Resistance
Lesser fracture Resistance
Sharper Cutting Angle : 71 degree
Less Cutting Angle: 45 degree
Rectangular cross Section improves easy debris removal
Square cross-section removes less debris from canal
Prevents pushing debris apically
More tendency of pushing debris apically
Smaller dimension allows maximum flexibility
Less flexible as compared to RT Files
Safely hollows/perforated canal path
Improper use can cause canal ledging


Pack of 6 Files