MANI K-Files 31mm | Cleaning and Shaping of the Root Canal System Dental K-File

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MANI K-File 31mm – 15-40

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Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics.
The hard-fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.




1.This is the dental file with shank used for enlarging root canal. It is used by the movements of vertical
reciprocation or lifting. It is non-sterile instrument.
2. Main materials:-
a) Cutting part: Stainless steel (including nickel and chromium)
b) Shank : Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)


1.Sterilize the product by autoclave and make sure sterilization is completed before using.
2.Choose the most appropriative type for each case and follow the general method.
3.Before using that there are no deformations, scratches and cracks.
4.If the head of product is thin, long or large, there are possibilities for breaking or twisting. Be sure to avoid
using unreasonable angle and excessive pressure.
5.Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Also, wear a dust protective mask to prevent inhaling dust.
6.Wear rubber dam etc. to avoid accidental ingestion and falling.
7.Do not use this instrument for any purposes except for listed applications above.
8.Dispose the product if damaged or contaminated.
9.After using, wash it with medical cleaning agent and brush, then wash away foreign substances like adherent body
fluids and body tissues.
10.Set the product to a stand when cleaned by ultrasonic cleaner to avoid deterioration of cutting part.
11.Use this product with great care to avoid puncturing fingers because of its possession of sharp-edged part.
12.This product has possibility that be corrosive if sunk into NaOCl, EDTA and etc. for a long time.


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