IVOCLAR Tetric N Ceram Starter Kit with Tetric N Bond Universal 3G

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The composite restorative Tetric N-Ceram incorporates state-of-the-art nano-hybrid technology.
Tetric N-Ceram from Ivoclar Vivadent is a light-curing, radiopaque dental restorative. It is suitable for the esthethic restoration of teeth in the anterior and posterior region.

Because of the nano-hybrid technology, Tetric N-Ceram features excellent mechanical properties. The prepolymers are responsible for the material’s low shrinkage. Tetric N-Ceram’s high radiopacity of 400 % Al is due to the filler ytterbium fluoride. It considerably facilitates the radiographic detection of secondary caries. Tetric N-Ceram’s nano-optimized formula forms the basis of the material’s low wear and high strength.




Excellent radiopacity– Good polishability – Nano-fillers complete the finely tuned filler technology – Nano-colour pigments are responsible for the material’s unique chameleon effect – The nano-modifier ensures optimum stability and excellent sculptability – The material does not stick to the instru


Enamel shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, C2, C3, D3
Dentin shades: A3.5 Dentin, B2 Dentin
Bleach shades: Bleach I, Bleach L, Bleach M
Highly translucent Incisal shade: T


Universal use – for anterior and posterior restorations

Directions To USE

Instructions for use :

Step 1- Clean the tooth to be treated and adjacent teeth with a brush and prophy paste and select the shade using Shade Guide.
Step 2- Prepare the cavity
(No residual amalgam or other base material should be left in the cavity)
Step3- Apply Actino 37% Phosphoric Acid Etchant Gel for 15-20 sec.
Remove Gel with vigorous water spray and rinse conditioned area for at least 10 sec.
Blot dry conditioned area with a moist cotton pellet.
Step 4- Apply Fusion Bond 5 dentine bonding agent with a disposable brush to the entire cavity.
Ensure thorough wetting of the entire cavity.
Allow 20 sec air drying and re apply another coat of dentine bonding agent.
Remove excess solvent by gently drying with dry air for at least 5sec to ensure uniform glossy surface.
Cure adhesive for 20-30 sec using standard curing light.
Step 5- Dispense the material using shaping instruments. Contour the material in the cavity. Light cure for 40 sec using standard curing light. When necessary build in increments of 2mm maximum using a layering technique. Shape and polish using standard technique and at last stage apply Nano Coat protective varnish.


# 4 x 3.5G Tetric N-Ceram (A1. A2. A3. A2)
# 1 x 2G N-Etch
# 1 x 3G Tetric N-Bond Universal
# Accessories