Gold Star LED Push Button High Speed Airotor Handpiece | Push Button Ceramic Japanese Baring

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Gold Star LED Handpiece Airotor is a high-speed handpiece developed on the principle of delivering precision to the dentist. The airotor handpiece is designed to rest comfortably in hand to allow the minute and precision hand movements that are required to carry out the delicate dental procedures. With the innovative technique, those hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places are more easily accessible, thus streamlining and shortening procedures, making it possible to achieve results with greater accuracy and precision.




#. 3 X Holes in Air-Rotor Head: 3 holes for water jet-spray have been equipped to increase the cooling effect for the tooth.

#. High-speed handpiece.

#. Cost-effective

#. Uniquely designed

#. Durable

#. Corrosion Resistant.

#. Low maintenance.

#. Easy to operate.

#. Superior functionality

#. Corrosion resistant,rust-free

#. High-speed handpiece.

#. Possible to change torque settings.

#. Removes tooth structure faster with less pressure, vibration, and heat generation.

#. Small in size and lightweight is more universal in application

#. Integrated mini power generator that delivers daylight quality LED illumination


#. Used in cavity preparation.

#. Root canal treatment.

#. Altering prosthesis.

#. Used for polishing enamel or restorative materials.

KEY Specifications

#. Cartridge: Push Button

#. Body Material: Stainless-steel

#. Connection: Borden Hole System (2-Holes)

#. Ball bearing: Ceramic

#. Color: Silver

#. Autoclavable upto 135ºC

#. LED light

Directions To USE

#. Connect the handpiece to the dental chair unit

#. Press the push button with thumb to click to mount the bur

#. Insert the bur into the head till it stops.Check whether the bur is properly secured

#. Press the push button with thumb to click to remove the bur after use.

#. The handpiece should be oiled and lubricated for optimal usage

#. Handpiece should be autoclaved(135ºC) after brushing off excess dirt and wiping off with alcohol soaked cloth


1 X High-Speed Airotor