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GC Gold Label 1 Luting And Lining 1-1 Pkg

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GC Gold Label 1 Glass Ionomer Mini Pack

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GC Gold Label 1 LIQUID 25G

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A Strontium-based Glass Ionomer:
All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer contains strontium glass.&The strontium glass provides good radiopacity and snapset& characteristics, unanimously preferred by clinicians around the world. Interestingly, strontium will mimic calcium& in the formation of strontium hydroxyapatite and strontium& fluoroapatite to affect internal& remineralization within the& tooth structure.
Surface Strengthening Effect:
Research has shown that a strontium-based glass ionomer placed in calcium-containing environment (saliva) will result in calcium ion diffusing into the glass ionomer&surface achieving a surface strengthening effect. All GC& Gold Label Glass Ionomer strengthens over time in saliva.
A Consistent Predictable Seal:<
All GC Gold Label Glass Ionomer will display a glossy& surface after mixing. This indicates sufficient free polyacrylic acid is available to begin the ion exchange process. The& subsequent movement of ions between dentin, enamel and& GC Glass Ionomer creates an ion exchange zone which chemically fuses them together. The resulting seal is& consistent, predictable and long lasting.




No surface preparation or bonding agent required, yet have exceptional retention properties
Biocompatible and with a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion maintaining the marginal seal
Protection from secondary caries
Sufficiently strong for routine luting and lining requirements
Easier to mix resulting in an smooth ultra creamy mix
Excellent flow and complete seating of the crown, bridge or orthodontic band and the ideal viscosity for lining
Easy post-operative checks
Less chairside stress for both patient and dentist
More durable, longer lasting marginal seal
Excellent radiopacity
Long-term fluoride release


Intrinsic chemical adhesion to both tooth structure and metal
Glass Ionomer formulation
Fluoride release
High mechanical strength
Excellent wetting properties
Film thickness of just 15 microns
Sharp set characteristics
Low solubility
Long term clinical data
No surface preparation or bonding agent required
Easy post-operative checks


Cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns, bridges, inlays
Cementation of stainless steel crowns or orthodontic appliances retained with stainless steel crowns
Cementation of orthodontic bands
Base or liner

KEY Specifications

Composition / Information on Ingredients
(% chemical components by WT)
Distilled water (CAS 7732-18-5) 50-55%
Polyacrylic acid (CAS 9003-01-4) 30-40
Store at temperature of 4-25°C (39.2-77.0°F)
Powder/liquid ratio (g/g) 1.4/1.0

Directions To USE

How to Use Gold Label 1

Mix to the correct powder:liquid ratio (20 seconds for Gold Label 1)
Apply the mixed cement to both restoration and prepared tooth
Seat the restoration within 30 seconds of completing the mix
Remove the excess cement during the gel stage
Total setting time is 4’30” after start of mix
After final set, moisture proof the margin by applying a final coat of GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC


GC Gold Label 1 Glass Ionomer Mini Pack:
1 x 15G Powder
1 x 10G Liquid

GC Gold Label 1 Luting And Lining 1-1 Pkg:
1 x 35G Powder
1 x 25G Liquid