GC Caviton

Temporary Filling Material

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A temporary filling material for standard cavities and after endodontic treatments



FeaturesSetting initiated by water and saliva Excellent adaptability Easy to remove
Directions To USE

a) Dry the prepared cavity with a small cotton pellet b) Transfer the material to the cavity using a suitable instrument and form the contour. In the case of occlusal Class I cavities let the patient bite down on the surface, and then form the contour c) Ask the patient to close his/her mouth. The filling will harden in about 30 minutes by absorbing moisture Recommend the patient to avoid pressure or abrasion for at least 1 hour Notes 1. Do not mix or contaminate with any other material 2. When removing the filling, clean the cavity with an alcohol soaked cotton pellet 3. Close the jar immediately.


1 x 30G Jar