Dia-Dent DIA-ROOT Bio Sealer | Root Canal Sealer

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Dia-Root Bio Sealer is a pre-mixed bioceramic calcium silicate-based MTA sealer. Its non-shrinking feature and strong bonding ability make it the perfect sealer for permanent obturation and suitable for all obturation techniques with gutta percha.




Biocompatible: heals tissues & hydrophilic

• pH 12: highly antibacterial

• Superior bonding to dentin & GP

• Low solubility: zero shrinkage

• Washout resistant: prevent microleakage

• Optimal flowability to reach all canals

• Pre-mixed and pre-filled to save time


#. 1 X 2G Syringe,

#. 20 Disposable Tips,

#. 1 Silicone Cap