AXIMACK AXO Selio-LC | Light Cue Glass Ionomer Cement for Lining, Extended Fissure Sealing and Smaller Lesion

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#. For Direct & Indirect Pulp Capping And Pulpotomy

#. Extended Fissure Sealing

#. Restoration Of Smaller Lesions

#. Ready To Use One Component Light Cured Glass Ionomer Cement

#. High Compressive Strength

#. Fluoride Release

#. Radiopaque

#. Fast And Easy To Apply



KEY Specifications

-lining under all kind of filling materials. -Extended fissure sealing
-restorations of smaller lesions.

Method of use:
1.Prepare the cavity according to filling technique.
2.Cover area of the proximity of the pulp with a calcium hydroxide preparation. The dentine should be insulated with bonding agent (AXO BOND) especially when cavity is not surrounded with enamel.
3.Put the required quantity of AXO|SELIO-LC direct onto the instrument in case of lining is more then 1 mm, Apply layer by layer...
4.Conventational light cure can be used to cure these material. Cure at least for 20 sec...
5.Remove the excess cement carefully with a rotary instruments...

- AXO | SELIO-LC adheres to materials such as crown and bridge material. Temporary fillings on methacrylate basic.
- Preparations for pulp protection resp. dentin insulation should be cure resp. dry prior to the application of AXO | SELIO-LC. - Do not expose AXO | SELIO-LC direct to sun light after taking out and without any delay...