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Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

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Repair Cement bio ceramic high plasticity, with tungstate of calcium and organic plasticizer

MTA (Mineral Trioxide Aggregate) has its established use in Endodontics due to the clinical results proven through numerous scientific studies. However, due to the physical properties inherent to the powder of the product, the “sandy” consistency hinders manipulation and transport of the material to the site of repair. To improve these characteristics, ANGELUS® has developed a new formulation called MTA REPAIR HP – “High Plasticity” MTA. This new formula maintains all the chemical and biological properties of the original MTA, which guarantees the success of the treatment, but changes its physical properties of manipulation. The result is a product with greater plasticity, facilitating manipulation and insertion in the dental cavity

MTA REPAIR HP is an endodontic restorative cement with high plasticiy, composed of mineral oxides in the form of fine hydrophilic particles. It is indicated for cases of root perforation (canal and furcation), iatrogenic or by caries, root perforation by internal resorption, retrofilling, direct pulp capping, pulpotomy, apexigenesis, and apexification.


Powder: Tricalcium silicate 3CaO.SiO2; Dicalcium silicate 2CaO.SiO2; Tricalcium aluminate 3CaO.Al2O3; Calcium oxide CaO; Calcium Tungstate CaWO4

Liquid: Water and Plasticizer.


Endodontics: for accidents and endodontic complications
General Clinic: for direct pulp capping
Pediatric dentistry: for pulpotomy


New formula whose particle size after hydration allows for easy manipulation and insertion into the dental cavity;
Addition of a radiopacifier (CaWO4) which does not cause staining of the root or dental crown
Low solubility
Excellent marginal sealing capacity through controlled setting expansion
Excellent sealing of root perforation (channel and furcation) to induce formation of periradicular cement
Promotes the formation of a dentin bridge when used in pulp capping
Allows for use in wet medium without change of its properties.



FeaturesFormula with P.A. raw material No contaminants or heavy metals High plasticityBetter handling and insertion Bismuth-free;Does not stain the dental structure Release of Ca ions: Induces biomineralization High alkalinity: Prevents bacterial growth Single doses Optimizes the time and the use
KEY Specifications

TECHNICAL DATA: Setting time: MTA REPAIR HP solidifies when kept in a wet environment after spatulation. Initial setting time is approximately 15 minutescan be used in a single session Radiopacity: Nearly matches that of gutta-percha. More radiopaque than dentine and bone Absence of dental discoloration due to the CaWO4 radiopacifier used. Low solubility - can be used directly on the pulp and periapical tissues Compressive strength: 44.2 MPa - can be used as base material Expansion through hydration - produces total sealing of the cavities Radiopaque - allows for subsequent X-ray monitoring (proactive observation) Biocompatibility - can be used directly on living tissues Neoformation of cementum - the only dental material with this property Remineralization of dentin - formation of a biological barrier; Biological sealing of perforations - complete healing of the periradicular tissues.

Directions To USE

Sterilize the materials to be used in spatulation, insertion, and condensation of the MTA REPAIR HP 2. Dispense the content of 1 package of MTA REPAIR HP and 2 drops of the liquid on the glass tray 3. Spatulate for 40 sec. until the powder and liquid are completely homogenized. The cement obtained is similar to a modeling compound 4. Take the MTA REPAIR HP to the desired location with an ANGELUS® MTA APPLICATOR, condensing it with suitable instruments for this purpose PRECAUTIONS Use eye protection, mask and gloves when handling MTA REPAIR HP. In case of eye or skin contact, wash abundantly with water Open the package of MTA REPAIR HP only immediately before use. It is very sensitive to moisture Do not use MTA REPAIR HP to fill a root canal. Its viscosity is inadequate for this procedure Do not use MTA REPAIR HP on the tooth surface that is in contact with the gengival sulcus, because disintegration of the cement will occur Only use MTA REPAIR HP after remission of acute signs and symptoms of the endodontic disease. The acidic pH of endodontically compromised sites (lesions) prevents its setting reaction When applying the MTA REPAIR HP, avoid letting it overflow to regions beyond the dental cavity, because although even if the excess is reabsorbed, it can slow healing. ATTENTION: The information provided in this manual is based on laboratory and clinical studies. The successful use of MTA depends on a correct diagnosis, the operative technique, the condition of the treated tooth and the general health of the patient. This product must be used according to this manual. STORAGE Store the product in a dry place protected from light.


5 x powder capsules with 0.085gms each 2 x powder capsules with 0.085gms each.